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Our expertise

Please see below a summary of both our expertise as an organisation and our team's expertise

Sex Ed Matters' expertise

‘Sex Ed Matters’ was founded in 2019 to tackle the normalisation of sexual harassment, as documented by Everyone’s Invited and Ofsted, and to strengthen the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum, which includes mandatory consent and healthy relationships lessons for the first time in UK history.


We have since provided consent and healthy relationships workshops in many of the country’s top schools, including University College School, St Paul’s Girls’ School, St Andrew’s Pangbourne and Haberdashers Boys’ and Girls’ schools, as well as state schools.


We’ve also worked with older students at universities including Goldsmiths and the University of Nottingham, and businesses such as Ambition About Autism by delivering consent, healthy relationships and friendships trainings to their members, aged 16 to 25. We also work with summer school provider ISSOS to train staff in safeguarding and host regular events at Soho House, during which members explore crucial relationship topics including love in the world of misogyny and how to be both masculine and loving.

We are proud to
be backed by UKRI and to hold a 100% client retention rate.

Our founder Laura Coryton has specific expertise related to RSE and public speaking, especially through her campaigning against tampon tax which changed UK law in 2021 and brings period education to life.

For her campaigning, she has met several Prime Ministers, spoken with President Obama and joined his Foundation's cohort of European Leaders, and been awarded the UKRI's Young Innovator Award of 2023. Her book, 'Speak Up!', a campaign guide for rebel girls has also been published by Harper Collins in French and the USA and she holds a Distinction from the University of Oxford for her Masters Degree in Women's Studies and Gender.

We weave Laura's campaigning experience throughout our RSE support, so that everyone feels empowered by RSE rather than overwhelmed or frightened. We are on a mission not only to raise awareness of the RSE problems young people face, such as sexual harassment or an overwhelming pressure to sext, but also how to overcome these difficulties and make changes for the better.

Laura has spoken about RSE topics including consent, healthy relationships and periods at the following events and programmes:


We also rely on a vast range of expertise which our advisory board holds, including teaching, campaigning, LGBT inclusivity and SEND support.

You can find out more about our advisors here.

Our team's expertise

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Please also click below to find out more about the areas we specialise in:
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