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Our Impact

We strive to make the most positive impact possible by making sex education more accessible and empowering than ever before. 2023 was the biggest year in Sex Ed Matters' history! We reached more schools than ever before, and gained funding to expand into the world of Artificial Intelligence to measure the impact of targeted safeguarding strategies.

Find out more by clicking on the button below to download our 2023 impact statement. 

Our impact in 2023

Throughout the year, we:

  • Reached 3,587 people (including students, teachers and adults) throughour workshops on consent, periods, friendships and sexuality

  • Expanded our team to include our first advisory board, as well as four keymentors from Innovate UK and Citibank

  • Gained over 150,000 signatures for our new tampon tax petition, lobbying retailers to reduce the price of period products in line with tampon tax ending and attended government rountables to make these essential products more accessible

  • Raised £23,269 in funding from Innovate UK and UKRI to expand our mission, which is 10 times our fundraising in 2022

  • Secured coverage in major news outlets including the Guardian, the Independent and ITV News, to further legitimise sex education and amplify student voices


2024 is set to be even bigger than 2023 for Sex Ed Matters, as we have secured more funding to create an AI tool empowering schools and businesses to identify and mitigate very specific safeguarding issues they’re responsible for.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2023! We can’t wait to continue focusing on impact and innovation in 2024.


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