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We are joining forces with Oxford Brookes University to run a free campaigning course for girls and marginalised genders, designed to help students debunk gender stereotypes and become activists so they can be the change they want to see.


It is available to state schools across the UK and there is still time to sign up, wherever you are in the UK. 

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The course has been developed by our director and tampon tax campaigner Laura Coryton, together with Oxford Brookes University researchers Dr Michele Paule and Dr Hannah Yelin. It draws directly on their data, collected from a national project exploring girls’ experiences of barriers to power.


Starting in early November 2023, the course is structured around five clear steps to campaigning which students can use to launch their own campaigns in any area they feel passionate about.


Teachers enrolled on the course will gain access to resources and videos to help them support students interested in activism and to bring the five steps to life.


There will be a closing event in March 2024 during which students can raise awareness of their campaigns and connect with decision makers. We will invite a range of guest speakers to inspire students, including the incredible campaigner Payzee Mahmod, responsible for raising the age of consent to marriage from 16 to 18 in a step to tackling forced marriages here in the UK.


The course aligns with several areas of the curriculum, including PSHE, and citizenship.

The course has been funded by Oxford Brookes University’s Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Awards 2023-24. This funding has made the course free for state schools to join.

For more information, please contact Laura at

Dr Michele Paule says:

Untitled (14).png

We’re excited to see our research data being put to such exciting use. We hope that helping girls to become confident campaigners now might encourage them to take up leadership roles in the future. This course aims to help them build necessary skills, and to take some of the mystery out of how to make changes.

This project was funded by a knowledge exchange programme at Oxford Brookes University

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