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"Having witnessed first hand the discrepancies in language, acceptance and understanding of these issues through conversations with students around the UK, it's essential that we do more. This is a very important initiative"

 Adam Cunis

"It is so vital for young people to have the knowledge and support they may not receive at home"

Tracey Ruck

"This is a very inspiring and important cause. Thank you for recognising the struggle young people go through due to a lack of information. I have no doubt this will change lives. Good luck to you all, I know you will absolutely exceed all your expectations"


 Charlie Mason

"Amazing work all of you, I truly believe this is such an important project and can't wait to see what you achieve"

Lydia Cunis

"Such an important campaign, thank you!"


Annie Argyropulo-Palmer

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"It is essential that children and young people get good quality sex and relationship education because this is such an important part life. Denying children and young people knowledge send the idea that sex is shameful. Abusers hide under cover of this wall of embarrassment and shame because prevents sensible discussion of the issue of consent"

Ruth Behan

"I work in Sexual Health as a nurse and still find many young people who attend our service lack knowledge on the basics of sex and relationships. I also find it frustrating that some people feel delivering RSE to children can be harmful! My experience is that the opposite is true! Children particularly in more deprived areas, really need this. This is a amazing idea and I hope it goes well"


Emma Williams 

"A fantastic and relevant initiative. Sex Education Matters!"


Warwick Green

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"You ladies are so inspiring, I wish you the best of luck with your project, it is so vital for young people to have the knowledge and support they may not receive at home"

Tracey Ruck

"I think this is a great scheme and very much needed in schools. Good luck with everything!"


Susie McLaren 

 "Inspiring and invaluable! Keep going!"


Giles Thompson

Clap (1)_edited.png

"Fab work guys, I can’t wait to see all the great work you do"


Steven Halstead

 "Amazing initiative well done team! I see the impact of this for adults in later life and it is SO IMPORTANT!"

Rose Penfold

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