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The new RSE curriculum   


In response to growing concerns that sex education in UK schools is outdated, the DfE has launched a new, mandatory Relationships and Sex Education curriculum (RSE) for all primary and secondary schools, which comes into effect from September 2020. It covers tricky topics including periods, consent, sexting, FGM and LGBTQ+ rights and, quite honestly, it is amazing! 

While this is a welcome step forward, there is still more work to do to ensure Relationships and Sex Education remains a political priority. This is where Sex Ed Matters comes in…

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How are we helping?   


We are thrilled to see so many important mandatory topics specified in the DfE's new RSE curriculum, but this curriculum will only have its intended powerful impact if teachers are properly supported to deliver it. 


We aim to equip and support teachers to deliver this curriculum by offering fun but informative resources in the form of PDFs and online leaflets, games, activities and more. We also give empowering and confidence building talks in schools! 

Our resources and talks include lots of information on mensuration, consent, relationships, gender, sexuality, trolling, sexting and so much more.



49% of young people learn about consent through TV and films and 26% of students start their periods before knowing what menstruation is. This is not okay. This is why sex education really matters. 

Our mission is to ensure that every pupil across the UK feels confident about topics including consent, sexism, healthy relationships and being kind. If teachers were properly supported to give empowering RSE in all schools, we believe that we would have a healthier, safer and happier society at large.

We hope to achieve this mission with you, one school and one class at a time.