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Meet our youth advisory board

Meet our incredible youth advisors and discover more about them below.

We meet with our board four times a year to ensure we're meeting the needs of students and discuss how we can amplify youth voices.

As a recent graduate with a BSc in Psychology, Clinical & Cognitive Neuroscience, my dedication to social responsibility and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is evident through my work with various NHS Trusts and my Scholarship with Santander. I'm committed to learning, growing, and making a meaningful contribution to the world.

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Leela Rani Singh

Former Consent and Sexual Health officer for Loughborough University, I am passionate about making sex education accessible, exciting and inclusive for everyone. I love talking to people and breaking the stigma around so called taboo subjects. It is time to normalise converstaions around sex and consent!

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Talya Sher (she/her)

I am a musician and social media personality. With a combined following of over 650,000 people, I use my platforms to discuss important feminist issues such as objectification, normality of body hair, abortion laws, and walking home safely and have spent a year working for gender minority organization Cactus City UK.

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Sophie Frear (she/her)

I’m Lesley, a psychology graduate and avid advocate of the wellbeing of young people. As someone who is dedicated to promoting comprehensive sex education and mental health, I strive to establish a welcoming environment where safe and inclusive conversations can take place.

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Lesley Kituka (she/they)


I am a history graduate from the University of York passionate about making a difference. Having run a Period Poverty Drive, set up an Equalities Group at school, and volunteering in both legal and charitable sectors, I am focused on creating inclusive environments that encourage equality.

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Millie Austin (she/they)

My name if Tiffany and I am a highly specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and founder of @gynaegirl, the pelvic health education page for young people.

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Tiffany Sequeira (she/her)

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