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Year-round support
Sex Ed Champion Accreditation 

Our Sex Ed Champion Accreditation is designed to strengthen RSE provision in all schools while minimising teacher workload.

We provide curriculum-aligned resources and tools which schools can use throughout the year to boost their RSE provision. In return, you will receive our accreditation crest and a clear list of your RSE achievements to verify and organise your hard work.

Our Champion Accreditation has boosted school Ofsted ratings and improved relationships with parents by ensuring they feel included and heard. It has been designed with the backing of the Government innovation body, UKRI.


The scheme will launch in September 2023 in line with when the Government has confirmed the RSE curriculum will be assessed and updated.


Click here to download our information pack.

About the scheme

Schools will be given a checklist of curriculum-aligned RSE activities to undertake throughout the academic year. They will also be equipt with all the tools they'll need to complete this list, including:

  1. Resources and learning objectives

  2. School policies to strengthen student safety

  3. Parent communications

  4. Student questionnaires to gauge student satisfaction

  5. Student services to boost safeguarding

The scheme is aimed to strengthen RSE provision in all schools while minimising teacher workload.

Our support has specifically been mentioned in the Ofsted reports of schools we support, showcasing how seriously schools take RSE and the excellent provision they provide students.

To create this accreditation scheme, we have worked with many organisations including the Muslim Women’s Network UK and Ambitious About Autism to ensure it serves all students. We have also consulted with our partner organisation UKRI as well as our advisory board, which consists of school senior leaders, as well as an LGBT inclusive specialist, RSE campaigners and education experts. You can find a full list of our board of advisors here.

Supported by the Government's innovation arm:

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