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Strong RSE resources can help inform all lesson plans and build the confidence of both students and teachers.

Our resources are curriculum-aligned and are suitable for students of all ages.

Each pack includes:

  • Learning objectives

  • An information booklet, which can help inform lessons or be shared directly with students and their families, so learning can continue at home

  • Campaigning activities to bring the subject to life and empower students

  • A themed megaphone template to encourage students to speak up about the topic and to boost confidence in a creative way


We've consulted industry experts to produce these packs, such as Stonewall, and we've consulted with our advisory board to make sure they're inclusive and impactful

Please see more information by clicking on the relevant resource back above.



Download our free sample packs below for:

Periods Matter

Friendships and Bullying Matters

Sexuality Matters

Free samples

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Amika George, the period activist behind the free period movement, says:

"These resources from Sex Ed Matters are incredible and so essential. I'm sure they'll be hugely impactful in encouraging schools to order their free period products and dispelling period shame!"

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