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Friendships and bullying

During this workshop we typically discuss:


  • Why friendships and bullying matters to your mental and physical wellbeing


  • Self-love


  • Beauty myths


  • What respect mean


  • How to choose your friends (including remembering that friendships are optional and that friends shouldn’t harm you)


  • How the law protects students, by explaining that every school is legally required to provide an anti-bullying policy, that even friends can break the law and how to report harassment


  • How to defeat a bully and to question whether they have ever been a bully without realising


  • Trolling: why it happens and what to do when it does. The dangers of catfishing.


  • Related campaigns students can support to feel empowered and make a difference


Activities include: Discussing how strongly the students agree or disagree on a range of questions including those on competition amongst friends, how to deal with friends that have a different opinion to you, social media and cancel culture.

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