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Consent and
healthy relationships

During this workshop we will discuss:


  • The politics behind the consent debate, including why 9% of young people think you can’t withdraw consent if you have been bought a drink or dinner


  • The law. We will explore what the legal definition of consent is and how the law gives us all power


  • What consent actually looks like while exploring concepts such as privacy, respect, assertiveness, assumption and coercion


  • Consent related campaigns students can support to feel empowered and make a difference


  • The experiences of attendees and where they feel they need most support/guidance


  • The feeling of personal safety, how laws can help to strengthen this and how to ensure you don't make others feel unsafe


  • Coercive vs caring relationships and how to recognise the former


  • Why consent is important in other settings, such as in public through catcalling and upskirting

  • Rejection

  • Holding others to account

  • How boys come into the conversation

  • Pornography and the normalisation of aggression



Activities include: What to do in a set of scenarios, how to discuss these issues with boys, friends and family and looking into famous coercive/caring relationships and analysing the way pop culture facilitates the former.

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