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Menstruation and period activism

During this workshop we typically discuss:

  • The politics behind periods, including the ways in which period stigma impacts education, work life, personal life and more. We will encourage all attendees to speak up about periods and to be confident about the topic

  • Facts about periods, including what a menstrual cycle is, and how to communicate this to others

  • What period poverty is and how many demographics may be impacted, even if you have period products at home

  • How boys can help to end period stigma

  • What kind of products can be used (including period pads, tampons, menstrual cups and other environmentally friendly options)

  • How to discuss menopause and why this is important

  • Inspiring menopause and period campaigns to encourage attendees to look at the issues discussed during the workshop in a positive and productive way, including our tampon tax campaign

    Activities include: making period pledges which demonstrate how each attendee can tackle period stigma at home and beyond the workshop

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