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During this workshop we typically discuss:

  • Why it’s important to learn about gender and sexuality, only 3% of kids have discussed gender and sexual orientation at school, leading to a whole heap of misunderstandings

  • How the law has improved equal rights for everyone

  • The concept and difference between gender and sex, and how to explain this to others

  • Explore how the two concepts above intertwine by defining gender and sexuality terms such as gender fluid, cis gender, pansexual, heterosexual etc

  • What kind of damaging gender/sexist stereotypes we face and how to combat them

  • What comprises a healthy relationship, irrespective
    of sexuality or gender


  • Where homophobia comes from and how to combat it

  • How to old others to account

  • How religion and sexuality connect

  • Inspiring successful campaigns which have strengthened and expanded gender and sexuality rights to frame this issue in a positive and inspiring light

    Activities include: Exploring attendees’ own homophobic biases and forming strategies for dealing with challenging situations.

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