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Meeting President Obama

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

President Obama and Michelle Obama have achieved so much in their lives and have inspired many across the world. Yet, they're not finished yet. Today, they're building The Obama Foundation, dedicated to inspiring and supporting a new generation of changemakers.

We know just how incredible the Foundation is because we were nominated to join its European Leaders cohort for our work to end tampon tax and improve the accessibility of quality sex education.

In January 2022 we embarked on a six month course to making change, be that through campaigning, community organising, a social business, or in our case, a combination of all the above! Little did we know, this course would change our lives for the better.

Thanks to this programme, we’ve joined a network of changemakers from across the world, consisting of politicians, disability activists in Ukraine, Pride organisers in Poland, social business leaders, tech gurus and of course, the Obamas themselves. Which brings me nicely into my final point…

In July 2022 we were lucky enough to meet and talk with the former President during a five day series of workshops which centred around the Copenhagen Democracy Summit. He spoke candidly (and famously swavely!) about his career, campaigning, commitment to community organising and juggling all this with his personal life.

Our business has grown a lot thanks to this programme. We know what it means to run an impactful social business, have an inspiring support system behind us and we have since joined the Obama Foundation’s Community for Social Entrepreneurship which will last a lifetime.

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