A years subscription to our downloadable and printer-friendly campaign-infused packs! This is perfect for teachers and schools interested in sex-ed campaigning and empowering education. Your subscription includes:


  • years worth of our online toolkits sent straight to your inbox. These toolkits will cover a variety of topics, such as periods, consent, gender and sexuality, friendships and bullying and more! They will include a booklet covering all you need to know about these topics, as well as learning objectives, campaign material to inspire, activities for students and posters.
  • All updated packs throughout the year.
  • Our campaign insights.
  • Special surprises to keep you inspired!
  • Invitations to all of our sex ed events and campaigns.


These packs will be emailed to you as soon as they come out throughout the year. You will be one of the first to see them!

Online subscription to 'Sex Ed Matters'

  • These toolkits has been designed to ensure everyone has empowering relationships and sex education and the confidence to speak up against stigmas and taboos. Subjects covered in 2020-21 include consent, friendships, bullying and gender.