We believe that all students deserve empowering and confidence-building sex ed lessons in all schools. Thats what we're here to deliver.


In our full day session, we cover the following topics through talks, quizes, games and campaign-infused activities:


  1. Periods and period poverty
    - The politics behind periods.
    - Facts about periods and what a menstrual cycle is.
    - Menopause.
    - How boys can help end period stigma.
    - What kinds of products can be used.
    - What to do if your period stops.
  2. Friendships and bullying
    - Why friendships and bullying matters to oyur menstal and physical wellbeing.
    - Self-love.
    - Beauty myths.
    - How to choose your friends.
    - How the law protects sutdents.
    - how to defeate a bully and to question whether students have ever been a bully without realising.
  3. Gender and sexuality
    - Why it's important to learn about gender and sexuality.
    - How the law has improved equal rights for everyone, while debating whether we still have a way to go.
    - The concept of gender and sex.
    - Explore how the two concepts above intertwine.
    - Terms such as asexual, homosexual, hetrosexual, etc, and how they interrelate.
    - What comprises a healthy relationship.
    - The idea of marraige and analysing myths assciated with it.
  4. Consent
    - The politics behind consent debates.
    - The law and legal power we all have.
    - What consent actually looks like.
    - How students know what they want to do.
    - Whether anyone or anything can give consent for you (they can't).
    - Whether consent is important in other settings, such as in pubic.
  5. Trolling
    - The politics of trolling.
    - How the law protects us all from trolling.
    - How to arm yourself against trolling.
    - The art of reporting.
    - How to turn trolling into a positive.
    - Helplines for anyone struggling with trolling.
    - Activities such as creating anti-trolling posters and a dream anti-trolling school policy.


We can deliver this programme in person or online and can tailor our content to your needs and the interests of your students.

Our classes are for all students and we can tailor the content to all age ranges. We also work with a strict safe space policy where students can ask questions and discuss without judgement or fear of backlash from other students.

We can't wait to deliver this empowering curriculum to as many students as possible!

Full day RSE school talk

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