Schools, take our consent pledge

Ofsted recently concluded sexual abuse and harassment has become "normalised" among children and young people.


We need to change that.


To view our FREE anti-harassment policy and comprehensive reporting process, please sign up to our consent pledge below. If implemented in your school, these can help ensure your students are safe.

Ofsted found teachers "consistently underestimate the scale of the problem" of abuse in their schools. This is the case for many reasons, including students not reporting the abuse they face. A lack of reporting often happens because kids feel their concerns won't be taken seriously by senior staff, other students will ostracise them or that incidents may be escalated to police involvement without their consent.

To avoid this, please sign up to our consent pledge above.

By clicking the above button and letting know which school you represent, you will be listed as one of our 'consent matters' schools (coming soon!) which we champion for taking consent seriously. You will also be able to download a comprehensive reporting process and  sexual harassment policy  for FREE.






There are many additional steps schools can take to tackle the normalisation of sexual abuse in schools.


Schools can:

Ensure all teachers receive empowering consent training so that any teacher can adequately recognise abuse and deal with it, wherever it is apparent. We offer lots of training options. Please email us for more information: We would love to hear from you!​​

Run inspiring consent workshops for all students of all years. The earlier you start to offer these sessions, the better. Unlearning is harder than learning consent correctly to begin with.

Work with parents so they know exactly what your school is teaching their children about consent. This way, they can continue the conversation at home and make clear that consent is always important.

Discuss consent in a variety of subjects, not just RSE, so that pupils gain the holistic understanding of consent they deserve.

Circulating toolkits to teachers of all subjects to help them deal with consent issues no matter where they are raised.

If you would like any more information, or to let talk to us about the consent problems in your school, please email us at